Behind the brand: The Varley store concept with our founders.

Designed in collaboration with HÁM Interiors, we have created a space that instils quiet confidence and aligns with the quality of our clothes, elevating the everyday shopping experience.

Located on London’s iconic King’s Road, the vision behind our flagship store was to create a warm, elegant space where you feel calm and at home. Every thoughtfully chosen detail, from the low-lit lighting to the soft furnishings and parquet wood flooring, contributes to an inviting and relaxed setting.

“It's not about sales, it's about the experience when you come into the store.”

– Ben Mead

We believe in creating an environment that instils quiet confidence, and our flagship store reflects this commitment. Instead of using traditional campaign imagery with models, we partnered with Cramer & Bell, to curate an art collection exclusively featuring pieces by emerging female artists. Each piece weaves a narrative that aligns with our collections and values, enhancing our store's journey.

“We worked with Cramer & Bell, which are a female-founded art consultancy, to help us curate the art. We've actually had a few pieces commissioned. My personal favourite is the Linde Biales piece above the fireplace.”

– Lara Mead

Complementing the curated art, sculptural clay accents by Karina Smagulova pay homage to the female form while the inviting scent is created by Sharland England. The furniture seamlessly merges London and Los Angeles craftsmanship, with select pieces from Croft House infusing a touch of Californian charm.

“I think the brand very simply exists to instil quiet confidence, not drive competition or comparison. And we wanted to create a space that lived by that.”

– Ben Mead