She Said: Candice Miller

She Said: Candice Miller

1. Introduce yourself: your name and where you’re from.

I’m Candice Miller, mother of two phenomenal girlies, loving wife, founder of the site Mama & Tata, and co-founder of luxury womenswear label Black Iris. I am a born and raised New Yorker!

2. Where do you live?

Under normal circumstances, I reside in NYC and spend weekends in Miami. However, given our current climate, I’m living at our home at the beach in the Hamptons and will be heading south shortly.

3. What inspired you and your sister to start Mama and Tata?

My sister and I wanted to start something together. I had my two girls and had been focused on being a mom for many years, but craved creativity and self-expression, and she was just pregnant with her first son and had many questions about all things motherhood. She looked at me as her “expert” and we decided to share our journey together to make it fun. It was authentic, organic, and tremendously informative, and for that reason, I believe it stuck. Once we started it, we never looked back, and I was never afraid to fail. Since then, my sister has become more focused on raising her boys, and I’ve taken over the majority of the business and expanded into my newer role as founder and CMO of Black Iris.

4. Tell us about Black Iris and the women you founded it with.

Black Iris is a labor of love between four great, talented female friends who joined forces to create easy pieces that make women feel beautiful and feminine. We all get to use our creativity to produce luxury items at price points under $1k and sell directly to the consumer so we really connect with our customer base, and make pieces that are wearable in everyday life. They can be dressed up or down, are timeless and classic, and made in limited quantities to avoid waste. We created the label because we felt there was a gap in the market for beautiful, simple, romantic dresses and sets that women our age could wear for school drop-offs, business meetings, charitable functions, dinners, and social gatherings. Everything we saw in our category always felt overpriced or over-the-top, and we wanted to simplify and modernize our “lady’s” wardrobe with key pieces that last longer and can be styled in various ways, so the customer gets the best bang for their buck. We have been in business for a year and a half (a good portion of that during a global pandemic) and we are still as enthused, collaborative and inspired as we were on day one!

5. How did you meet your husband?

My husband and I have been very close friends since we were children. We met when we were 14, having the same group of friends in NYC, and always had a mutual love and respect for one another. We didn’t start dating until our mid-20s, but the timing was perfect, and we were both ready to commit and settle down. I think the love was there for a long time before we became intimate, but it always helps to know everything about the person you marry, there are never any secrets or surprises! I fall more in love with him every day and marrying him was the best decision I ever made.

6. What does your average day look like at the moment?

I wake up and get my girls set up for zoom school, and then go down to my gym for my Tracy Anderson body and mind cleanse! When that’s over, I’m energized and ready to get to my work calls and emails over breakfast. I then have some time during my kid’s lunch break to catch up on their day and answer any questions they might have from their zoom learning. Afternoons are spent taking my girls to their extracurricular activities, everything from basketball, soccer, and tennis, to dance, piano and cooking! That’s probably my favorite time of the day because I love watching their enthusiasm and motivation in all that they do. Many late afternoons I have content shoots for posts for both Mama & Tata and Black Iris. I wind down my day with my family at the dinner table, followed by family snuggles and my favorite new show, Emily in Paris! It’s light and fluffy, exactly what we all need right now, I highly recommend it.

7. You’re obviously a fan of the Tracy Anderson method, but is there another workout you love?

I exclusively do the Tracy Anderson Method, but when outdoors I try to add in some paddle boarding and wakeboarding to the mix!

8. Do you follow any diet?

I’ve never been one to diet or weigh myself. I have no clue how much I weigh unless it’s after my annual physical, but I do prefer healthy options. I eat a lot, but it’s mostly nutritious and a mix of all food groups. I gravitate towards fruits and oats in the morning, vegetables and proteins like eggs in the afternoon, and a heavier protein and vegetable at dinner, like chicken with Japanese sweet potato, or turkey burgers and avocado. I eat what I crave and what my body wants, so when I’m in the mood for something sweet I break out the chocolate or sweet popcorn, and never deprive myself.

9. What are your top five go-to beauty products?

Biologique Recherche’s Lait VIP O2 cleanser, La Grande Crème, Le Grand Sérum, Crème PIGM 400 and Soleil Toujours face sunscreen and body spray.

10. If you could host anyone for dinner, past or present, who would it be?

My family, they always come first and are the best company.

11. What is your favorite place to go on vacation and why?

Blackberry Mountain. We spend every year there with our kids celebrating our anniversary and it’s become incredibly special to all of us. Tradition!

12. Tell us something about yourself that not many people know.

Although I share a lot on IG and post many special moments along with everyday life, I’m actually quite private and you won’t ever see me doing long videos of myself and my kids because the majority of my day and personality is kept private. I may have many IG friends, but in life, I keep it tight and surround myself with a small group of people I really love, trust, and rely on.

13. What has 2020 taught you?

That all I need is my family, nothing else matters. Love the ones you’re with.

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