She Said: Christina Hinds

She Said: Christina Hinds

1. Introduce yourself: your name and where you’re from.

Somehow this is the toughest question... 

I am Christina Hinds in America and Christina Roubanis in Greece. I have two passports with different names and could be a wonderful spy! My mother, Nandu Hinds, is Italian-American and my father, Theodore Roubanis, is Greek. They split up when I was young and thus so did my identity! It's a long story... I was born in Beverly Hills and grew up between there and Malibu.

2. Where do you live in Los Angeles?

I live in Malibu. No matter where I go in the world, I always find my way back here.

3. Describe DRUMBOXING in one sentence.

Cutting edge physical and mental agility training...on conga drums.

4. How did you discover it?

Serendipity. I was introduced to the creator of DRUMBOXING, John Wakefield, by a neuroscientist at USC. John was there to study the effects of music on the brain for DRUMBOXING. I was there researching the effects of purpose on performance in athletes for a documentary. John wanted to test out his protocol on more professional athletes, so they sent him over to me! He came to my house to do a demo and quite literally blew my mind...the rest is history. John is a musical genius and avid athlete, but also an intuitive and open-minded man. He created something that is already changing the world for the better.

5.  What are the benefits of DRUMBOXING on the body and mind?

The benefits are endless, but I will hit on a few. It makes you happy and clears your mind. It tones your body and strengthens your balance and reflexes. It stimulates the lymphatic system thus boosting immunity. It gets your heart rate up in intervals thus boosting cardiovascular health. It breaks through creative blocks and increases focus and concentration. It's team-building and confidence-boosting. It combats depression and anxiety. And it rebuilds neurological damage. It's an all-encompassing workout!

6.  Tell us about Wonders of Being.

WONDERS of BEING serves as a launchpad for cutting edge wellness and transformational experiences. I started the company as my second act after coming back from competing on the World Tour as a member of the Greek National Beach Volleyball Team. My transition from the life of an athlete to a non-athlete was fascinating to me in all of its uncertainty and moments of awe. I realized what I missed the most from my past life was a strong sense of purpose and experiencing flow on a daily basis. These two ingredients, Purpose and Flow, lay as the foundation of WONDERS of BEING.

I source and curate each experience to connect people with themselves, each other, and the world around them to support their life transformations. DRUMBOXING is a prime example of a WONDERS of BEING experience as it gets you into flow state, heightens the senses, and strips you of your ego so you can create the person you were always meant to be.

7.  Having been a professional beach volleyball player, how do you stay fit now?

I love outdoor adventures - hiking, surfing, and DRUMBOXING! I balance the heat-generating workouts with restorative ones like Qi Gong and stretching. Sometimes my entire workout consists of rolling out on a foam roller for 20 mins and then stretching for 20 mins - mega results.

8.  Do you follow any diet?

I'm not a diet person. If something makes me feel bad, I try to avoid it. That goes for everything in life too. I think it's most important to listen to what your body is telling you. Your mind and your gut are directly related - a healthy mind makes for a healthy gut, and vice versa.

9.  What is your favorite spot in the world?

Careyes, Mexico has my heart. I grew up going there as a child and I spent a lot of time there post-volleyball while creating my new life. Careyes gives me a lot of inspiration and also challenges me in many ways. It's a European village on the Pacific Ocean, with Mexican food and tradition; it's wild in nature yet sophisticated in taste. Everything that I love.

10.  Pacific Coast or the Mediterranean?

Haha, tough one coming from a Greek/Italian/California girl! Though my answer changes all the time, at this stage I will have to go with the Mediterranean. I've spent a lot of time on the sand after years of playing beach volleyball professionally...these days I'm happy to find a beautiful rock or cliff to jump off of for a plunge into the deep blue sea. There is nothing like the blues of the Med. Dreamy!

11.  Is self-care important to you?

Yes, self-care is very important to me. Feeling good is addictive. Once you find the things that make you feel calm, happy and buzzing from the inside, keep doing them! Some of my self-care rituals are Qi Gong, cold ocean dips, hot Epsom salt baths, visualizing, journaling, and drinking tea (though customary for Brits, it is self-care to me!).

12. Where do you see DRUMBOXING in 5 years' time?

In 5 years, I see DRUMBOXING being accessible to all. I see it implemented for kids in schools, teams of big corporations, people with degenerative brain diseases, veterans with PTSD, at-risk and underserved community programs, global think tanks, mental health associations, as well as a home version so the whole family can do it. I see DRUMBOXING as a tool to expand people's minds, elevate people's performance, and connect people to one another.

13.  What's next for you?

Actually, I am planning a little getaway to the Greek island of Hydra next summer to marry my Amore :)

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