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4 Foods That Seem Healthy, but Aren’t

4 Foods That Seem Healthy, but Aren’t

A nutritionist’s top pantry clean-outs that change everything

Everybody has their go-to foods. However, often the ones we think are healthy, unfortunately, are not. Therefore, we asked our go-to girl (for all things good-for-you) Neda Varbanova to share her top kitchen swaps that are sure to both satisfy AND do a body good.


TOSS: People think they're “healthy” when they have juice, but unfortunately, when you remove the fiber through juicing, the result will spike your blood sugar.

SWAP: Opt for veggies-only, outside of the lemon, when craving juice. Or if you really want fruit, then keep the fiber intact and have a smoothie! Better yet, eat an apple or a banana because the fiber is in its purest form!


TOSS: THIS is a big one. Flavored yogurt is a no-no as they’re often loaded with sugar.

SWAP: Instead, reach for plain unsweetened yogurt, either vegan coconut or grass-fed Greek yogurt (if you do dairy) and top it yourself with fruit, cinnamon, and a drizzle of tahini or raw honey.


TOSS: Often, brands will claim to be healthy, but instead are full of toxic chemicals or are hyper-processed.

SWAP: Ingredients, ingredients, the ingredients thoroughly! I can’t say it enough. And, if you’re going to buy packaged foods, keep to options with minimal ingredients. One of my faves is Ella Crackers.


TOSS: If you don’t have an intolerance to dairy, then go for good quality cheese from a local farm or Europe — make sure to research the source and their practices.

SWAP: Alternatively, find a brand of vegan cheese with minimal, unprocessed ingredients. I love Monty's — it's made from organic cashews, water, scallions, and salt (and that's it). Also, I'm a fan of Mykonos, especially their vegan mozzarella, and BioLife's Vegan Feta.

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