5 Tricks This Frequent Flyer & Wellness Expert Swears By

5 Tricks This Frequent Flyer & Wellness Expert Swears By

If you travel a lot, like Neda does, you know that travel can be brutal, unless of course, you've planned for your day in-the-air. Herein, our trusted source for keeping it healthy shares her pre-flight prep and in-air routine just in time for holiday travel to get you where you’re going feeling fresh, not frazzled.


The biggest downside to flying is the dehydration that ensues. Something I always do is get an IV drip, to boost my immune system because I travel a lot, and your immune system can be compromised. It’s something that my doctor recommended because flying is so hard on the body. They even come to my house. I use Studio Med 30 minute IV drip.


The food in airports and on airplanes leaves a lot be desired. Often unhealthy, full of empty calories and ingredients that you can’t pronounce, not to mention it is expensive and tasteless. Every time I travel I pack healthy travel meals and snacks to make sure I’m both happy and satisfied.

I like to pick up a salad from Sweetgreen that I can eat on the plane. My go-to is broccoli (usually a double serving), mushrooms, cucumbers, red onion, cilantro (which is excellent for detoxification), sometimes grilled chicken if I have not had protein yet and either goat cheese or avocado depending on my mood. I skip the dressing and ask for a side of lemon or lime and no olive oil as it adds too many calories.

For snacks, I love Ella’s Crackers and pistachios, which are lower in fat and calories than other nuts. You can eat 49 of them in comparison to 18 almonds per serving. Another great snack is kelp seaweed.


Pre-flight I take a supplement called Congaplex, which is good for the immune system. I take three before my flight and another three when I land. I also take Jet Set Natural — a two-step travel remedy that lessens the effects of jet lag and helps me wake up feeling fresh. The capsules are a combination of melatonin and CBD, which work well together.


I drink a ton of water — and if I fly to Europe at night and I want to sleep, then I have 1-2 glasses of wine, and it helps me sleep.


I wear cashmere pants with a Tee and sneakers which look nice but put together. I always bring a scarf or a wrap because of the freezing temps on the plane. Also, I just bought a pair of warming socks, and I love a fuzzy Varley jacket too with layers and stretchy jeans.

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