Friday, Is the New Friday

Friday, Is the New Friday

For most of us, quarantine life has drastically changed the way we do alllll the things from work to working out, to self-care and socializing. Therefore, as we juggle momming, bossing, and Zooming (under one roof), making dedicated time to chill, come Friday, after a long week of digital interactions, is much-needed.

Go analog, turn up the tunes, evolve thy wellness routine, carve out time for reflection, form healthy new habits, play old-school games, and dance in your living room like nobody’s watching, because, quite frankly, nobody is.

changes, everything

A big challenge we face with self-isolation is the lack of energy exchanged peer to peer. On any given day, in our "past lives" we would have swapped energy with friends, coworkers, and passersby many times over throughout the day. And now, we’re not. Digital convos, while better than nothing, lack in physicality, personality, and spirit. But, music, on the other hand, is pure energy. Turning up the tunes, especially on Friday eve, instantly changes the mood. Consider having different playlists for daytime working hours and weekend evenings to prompt your mind into non-working mode. Better yet, hit up your living room dance floor and shake it out. According to Megan Roup even five minutes of freestyling relaxes the body and sets the tone for fun.

put it on paper

Not new news, but taking time to reflect and be grateful at the close of each week is a total game-changer. Be it journaling or list-making, putting your thoughts down on paper is one of the simplest ways to declutter the mind. While free-form writing may seem intimidating, check out a few journaling cues from inspiring thought leaders you admire (we like Gabby Bernstein).

of the kitchen variety

Like the days of yore, we're cooking, eating, and cleaning (dishes, much?) at home more than ever. However, with grocery stores becoming less and less inspiring and delivery services near impossible to schedule, level up your chef skills and take up gardening in the time of quarantine. Plant a variety of kitchen-friendly herbs from mint to basil, then meal plan accordingly. Hands if you’re into fresh basil pesto zucchini noodle pasta!

Or, if full-meals are not your jam, use your new homegrown provisions to make one of Britt Maren’s everyday vitamin-packed, anti-inflammatory smoothies. Either way, it’s pretty much as local as you can get.

the pantry detox

Organizing, detoxing, and stocking your kitchen cabinets is one of those things that’s always on the list, but never crossed off. Every time you consider an overhaul (in normal life) something, anything else usually takes precedence. So, you close the door and move on, vowing to revisit the situation the following weekend. However, with newfound hours being logged in the kitchen, make this a priority. Out with the old, in with the healthy. Read labels, toss expired items and refer to this unsuspecting list of ingredients that may be sabotaging your diet according to Neda Varbanova.

massage night in

With in-salon treatments a thing of the not-so-distant past, it's time to take matters into our own hands with a little Friday night de-puff. Check out these pro tips on facial massages along with other self-beauty routines.

break out the fun

Prep some snacks, set up the coffee table, turn on the music, and light the candles for some old-school fun that doesn't include screen scrolling or TV watching. Opt for a game of strategy like Chess, one of chance like Monopoly, or something simple like Go Fish for the whole family.

banana bread, but make it healthy

Let's be honest, since day one of self-isolation we've been perfecting the art of baking. All banana bread jokes aside there’s something really calming about using your hands in a way that doesn't involve a phone and results in a delicious comforting treat.

PSA: Opt for a healthy recipe (obvi) with alternative sugars and flour, we love this one by Sweet Laurel.

Pro-tip: While the bread is baking squeeze in a quickie streaming workout session, then spend your Friday night indulging.

Alternatively, if carbs aren’t your thing (as if), make a 3 ingredient “banana ice cream.” Simply freeze chopped bananas, then blend them with a touch of almond milk and lots of cinnamon until they reach a frozen yogurt consistency. For crunch add cacao nibs (or a low-sugar topping of your choice).

And, if you are in fact a carb-lover (because, who isn’t), enjoy the banana frozen “ice cream” on top of your banana bread.

our go-to quarantine activity

While you may very well have heard of dry brushing, when have you ever really done it or at least on a regular basis? Dappled perhaps, but never fully committed. Until now. A centuries-old practice that does wonders for your circulation, lymphatic drainage, inflammation, and bloating, sadly a few of the realities of self-isolation.

Pro tip: Since body brushing is the ultimate exfoliator, spend the following morning tanning, sans sun. 24 hours after exfoliating, apply a light application of St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse to give your refreshed skin a touch of glow.

is not canceled

So, you’ve been cooped up inside with your mate for weeks, and weeks, and weeks, now or you're about to go on your first virtual date (for the latter, know your angles, ladies!), either way, throw on a cute sweater and have some fun with it. Pick a theme and pretend you’re out at the movies, virtual or not. Or, recreate your favorite dish (using your handy homegrown herbs) from a restaurant you miss. Most importantly, plan a night that involves makeshift martinis, and a little creativity.

because when all else fails, make a martini

This needs zero explanation. It's Friday night, music’s on, bread’s baking, dinner’s simmering and it's time for a drink. Hit up Neda Varbanova’s skinny cocktail of choice  and settle in for a fun night at home.

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