Well, Guess It’s Time for Selfcare

Well, Guess It’s Time for Selfcare

Because if not now, then when?

If ever there was an argument for self-care, now would be it. While the planet is closed for maintenance and we're hunkered down at home, it's all too easy to let the time for self go. However, we're viewing this pause in programming as a time to reset, prioritize and set simple daily rituals that we either took for granted or were “too busy” to practice before, but now are perhaps more important than ever. Herein, from virtual hangouts to meditations, our go-to in self-love.

Start the day with an IG TV live guided meditation. Tune into @thewell every morning at 10:30 AM EST, for a 15 min session to set the tone for a productive, and positive day.

Hands, if you're all about good food, because we are! That said, with endless homemade meals, it's all too easy to fall into a rut. To avoid making the same thing every day or reaching for less than desirable snacks on the reg, plan out nutrient-dense meals in advance to be sure to maintain feeling your best. Plus, on the weekends, get inspired and try to replicate your go-to dishes from the restaurants you're missing most.

Cull together the ingredients of your usual morning order from your local coffee shop and get in the habit of replicating it every day be it a black tea oat milk cappuccino or an almond milk matcha latte.

Take a walk to get the blood flowing going and a breath of fresh air while listening to a podcast or a meditative playlist at the end of the day. Even 10 or 15 minutes daily (at 6 feet apart, of course), makes a huge difference.

Don't be all "messy hair, don’t care." unless of course, that was always your thing, then ignore and keep on keepin’ on. But, if you were the type to get up and get ready BC (before Corona), then do that still. You’ll be surprised by what a little shower, dash of blush, some dry shampoo, and a spritz of perfume can do to transform your day.

Movement makes everything better. Full stop. And, the beauty of our new existence means you can workout whenever for however long you like. In a world where you may have struggled with class schedules and times before, now, a non-issue. You can slot in 20 minutes here and 20 minutes there at your leisure, what a luxury! Check out some of our most frequented workouts here.

Make a ritual of facial steams on the reg. Boil a big pot of water with turmeric or rooibos tea. Then carefully put your face into the steam towards the water with a towel over your head for a few minutes to open your pores. Follow the steam with facial oil and a once over with a rose quartz rollerball.

Find things that entertain from movies to friends to pets that make you laugh till it hurts. There's truly no better self-care. A few of our top laugh-out-loud accounts are Overheard and Dogs Working From Home

True story. Now that salons are closed, plan for beauty treatments like nails and blow-outs at home. Buy your regular polish color and carve out time for at-home mani & pedis as often as you would typically go. And, consider investing in a great blow-dryer and round brush. Bonus, you'll save a ton of money!

Chances are you have a moment or two on your hands, so take the time to make playlists, plus ask friends to send you theirs. Create different moods for different times of the day, be it morning coffee, work hours or dinnertime to break up the day within your space. Also, discover artists that are streaming on IG TV like DJ D and have a dance party (for one!) in your living room.

We need a sense of community now more than ever. What used to be a source of alienation (the internet) has fast become a tool of togetherness. Lean into your trusted circle when you're feeling vulnerable. It can be cathartic to express yourself rather than keep emotions in, plus it allows others to do the same and feel supported as well. But most importantly, do it for the laughs. Get into the virtual hang to connect and laugh with loved ones.

Love a glass of wine in the shower or during a bath, so luxe! Therefore draw a bath or take a leisurely shower (whichever is your speed) with a glass of wine and a flip through your favorite magazine during or after.

Light a scented candle by your bed at the end of the day to switch gears into a relaxed state. Read an inspiring book to settle the mind and transition from your WFH life to your actual home life.

This is true self-care. If you need rest, take it guilt free. Might be the first time since you were a teen. Enjoy!

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