Wfh, but Make It Cute

Wfh, but Make It Cute

Turns out that meeting really could have been an email.

So, looks like we're working from home for a bit. How long? No one knows. This means days of structure and routines, including mediation time, at-home fitness, scheduled working hours, 24/7 playlists, and outfits for all the things.

Like most, before hitting pause on all things social, we spent our days running around the city with a packed calendar of meetings, yoga classes, fam time, and hanging with friends. As we retreat indoors for a beat, we're dedicating our energy to staying grounded, being creative, working wisely, reading endlessly, finding a healthy work/life balance, and leaning into lounge and activewear looks (like never before) for staying in and beyond.

Now, more than ever, sticking to your morning routine (if you had one), or creating one if you didn't, is key. Set a regular weekday wake-up time, jump out of bed with the promise of a new day, and throw on your fave matching sweat suit. Begin each day with hot water & lemon, followed by coffee or tea and your favorite podcasts or meditation to start the morning with a hit of inspiration.

Working from home takes a bit of discipline, but with a few simple habits, we got this. Calendar out your day and workflow to make the most of your time. Schedule regular FaceTime calls with your team to connect regularly (hello, cute sweater to be seen from the waist up). Send an email to someone you admire and introduce yourself (if ever there was a time, now is it). Take your calls outside in your backyard, or from your fire-escape, to get a dose of Vitamin D. And lastly, use this time to think creatively and feel inspired without the distraction of the office or rushing between meetings. As tempting as it is to stay in your PJs all day, set up your schedule, stick to it and change your clothes to suit your activity, as if you were leaving the house.

Did someone say workout? Yes, we did! Whether a simple stretch, a streaming workout, or an IG Live dance session at 2:05 with Forward Space, making time to move every day will produce much-needed endorphins and blood flow during this still time.

A very wise person once said, if we wake up with a healthy body, a roof over our heads, and food to eat, then we can consider ourselves to be truly blessed. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Make a point to cook dinner, set the table, light the candles, pour the wine, and get dressed for dinner! Bonus tip, plan FaceTime dates with friends to eat and toast together.

After dinner, take a brisk walk around the block if you can to digest, breathe deep and move your body. This short outdoor moment will ease anxiety and aid sleep. Enjoy it!

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