A wardrobe for how
you live & move.

Varley is a contemporary fashion brand for the modern woman. We offer year-round collections, including knitwear, outerwear, and everyday staples, complemented by active pieces to create an elevated wardrobe for how you live and move.

We exist to instil quiet confidence.

We are defined by the women who wear Varley and exist to instil quiet confidence
through collections that enhance everything you already are.

As women's lives evolve, so do we.

An international
family-run business.

Varley was founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife Lara and Ben Mead. Headquartered between London and Los Angeles, with additional offices in New York, our distinct aesthetic continues to be influenced by the unique style of each city.

We think of ourselves as an international family-run business that embodies our founders’ commitment to creating timeless collections for the modern woman.

What started as a company of two, has grown into a close-knit team of thinkers, creators, and innovators, taking care of our clothes, each other, and our community. We're guided by two core beliefs: the pursuit of quality in everything we do and looking after one another.

Everything else should take care of itself.

Found in over 1000 stores worldwide.

Our people.

Thinkers, dreamers & innovators.